Craig Bonsignore
Nitinol Devices and Components, Fremont CA, USA
Title: The Frontiers of Lifetime Prediction of Superelastic Nitinol
  Jay Fineberg
The Racah Institute of Physics, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Givat Ram, Jerusalem, Israel
Title: Ever more singular: Instability in Dynamic Fracture
  Manuel de Freitas
ICEMS & Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa, Portugal
Title: Multiaxial fatigue: from materials testing to life prediction
  Youshi Hong
Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Title: The nature and the mechanism of crack initiation and early growth for very-high-cycle fatigue of metallic materials
  D. G. Hattingh (M. Neil James)
Nelson Mandela University, South Africa 
Title: Applications of residual stress in combatting fatigue and fracture
  Yury Matvienko
Mechanical Engineering Research Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia
Title: J-A Elastic-plastic Crack Tip Field and the Two-parameter Fracture Criterion
  Thierry Palin-Luc
Ecole Nationale Superieure D’Arts et Metieres, France
Title: Gradient effect and size effect in high cycle multiaxial fatigue of metals: a state of the art
  Sylvie Pommier
ENS Cachan, LMT, DGM, France
Title: Memory effects in variable amplitude and multiaxial fatigue: experimental evidences and modeling with an incremental approach

  Manuela Sander
Lehrstuhl für Strukturmechanik, Fakultät für Maschinenbau und Schiffstechnik, Universität Rostock, Germany
Title: Very high cycle fatigue behaviour under constant and variable amplitude loading
  David Taylor
Mechanical Engineering, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
Title: Fracture Mechanics in Biology and Medicine
  Stefanie Tschegg
Institute of Physics and Materials Science, Department of Material Sciences and Process Engineering, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria
Title: Time Saving Method for Measuring VHC Fatigue and Fatigue Crack Growth Data with the the Ultrasonic Fatigue Technique
  Philip Withers
School of Materials, University of Manchester, UK
Title: Insights into fracture mechanics: what can x-ray diffraction and imaging tell us